The Dugout Tray


The story behind my invention of the DUGOUT TRAY started when our traveling baseball team purchased an iPad for scoring instead of using the traditional paper and pencil form.  As a youth/varsity coach for many years I always kept book.

By using a score book, it was easy to put down on the bench or give to a player to hold while I gave some type of sign or signal to the players on the field, but with an expensive iPad it was a different story.  By placing the iPad on the bench, the life of the pricey piece of equipment was in peril with the excitement of the game and rambunctious players. 

I knew there had to be a way to keep the iPad safer, yet have easy access to it while scoring plays.  After 5 or 6 proto types I finally made the tray work.

In the beginning, I only made the DUGOUT TRAY for myself, but during a fall baseball season in Waukesha I found out differently that there were other coaches that had a need for it. 

Since fall baseball is a little more relaxed I decided to sit on a lawn chair outside of the dugout to score.  I got comfortable, attached my tray to the chain link fence and started doing my scoring thing that I have done for years.   It was about a half an inning into a game when a coach came up to me and said he wanted one of those, with nothing else said by him. A few innings later as I stepped away from my chair I saw some people walk up to the tray and see what that thing was attached to the safety fence.  Immediately the lights turned on and I knew that there were others that needed something to help score. Thus, the DUGOUT TRAY was born.

A tray made for baseball coaches by baseball coaches. 

The Dugout Tray

the DUGOUT TRAY (A baseball scorekeepers tray)

*holds an iPad or score book

*clips easily to the dugout fence

*durable 24 gauge metal

*10 5/8” x 12 5/8”

*lightweight and portable

*keeps hands free for coaching and scoring

*helps keep the iPad/tablet safer

*made for scorekeepers by scorekeepers

*veteran owned business (USMC)

*made in USA


NOW AVAILABLE, a smaller DUGOUT TRAY made solely an iPad/tablet.  The new tray is the same as the original except in size.  It's size is 11 1/4" x 7" and retails for $15.99.